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Childrens 2ft Hanging Punch Bag - 12 Kilos

New Childrens 2ft Hanging Punch Bag weighing approx 12kg. A durable heavy Junior Boxing bag to keep your kids entertained   Your kids can...

Childrens Freestanding Punch Bag Black

New Xlarge free standing bag from Playwell. Total Lentgh 130cm Great bag for young Martial ARtists which allows kick and punches at differentheights....

Free Standing Ladies Cardio Kickboxing Punch Bag

 is a fun way that you can build the endurance and agility skills required for boxing and also improve your overall fitness level. The...

Free Standing Punch Bag - Boxing MAN - Free Bundle Package Inc

The new Ultimate Realistic Punch Bag, Flexible Torso, more striking surface area for body shot training as well as kicks. Overall height: adjustable...

Home Gym: Wall Mounted Dipping / Chin Up Bars

£54.99£44.9918% off
Up your workout game with our heavy duty wall mounted dip bar station, designed for the most versatile of exercise routines. The ultimate piece of...

Home Gym: Wall Mounted Lat/ Tricep Pulley Station

PERFECT FOR HOME GYMS - Our weight lifting wall mounted pull down cable machine can be fit onto solid brick wall, a wooden support beam, or even a...

Playwell Boxing Pro Air Focus Pads - Black

These revolutionary air pads were developed to take the impact out of the punch. Constructed with premium quality leather and resilient double...

Playwell Free Standing Punch Bag Black/Red

Cylindrical free standing boxing bag  For better boxing technique, faster and more coordinated movements Promotes speed, stamina, reactions and...

Weighted Iron Bar For Weighted Plates - BAR ONLY

Standard Cast Iron Weighed Bars are designed to fit all standard 1 inch diameter weight Plates   Sold As Singles    1.2M - Weighs -...