Playwell Offers A unique Dropshipping Service for All Online Retailers, Shops, Etc.


Playwells Dropshipping Service is very Easy, Once you have Set up an Account With us you can start uploading Selected Products to your Store or Site. When you get orders through your site, You can send the order to us Either Via Our Online Wholesale Store Where you can Choose Alternate Shipping, Or Sent Via Email.


For All our Drop Ship Customers All Invoices Are posted Direct to You, So All That your Customer Recieves Are Their Goods that they have Purchased From Your Store. Goods are Dispatched From Our Warehouse Direct to your Customer within 2 - 4 working Days.


Frequentley Asked Questions:

How Does Dropshipping Work ??

  • We Stock The Products
  • You Sell Online or Offline
  • We Package & Ship Your order
  • Order Delivered Direct to Your Customer


Whats The Benefits ??

  • Cusotmer Buys at Retail price from your Store ( 29.99 )
  • Buy From us at DrpShip Price ( £17.99 )
  • Profits Instantly Yours


No Price Under Cutting Allowed - Anybody Found Doing This will be removed From Our System


If you would Like Further info on How to become A client Please do call us on 0208  810 9449





A full CSV File is Available also of our products