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Playwell Can Supply a Number of Special Products and Services to the Martial Arts World, Including....

Belt And Certificate Display Units And Show Cases

If you have worked hard to succeed in your chosen area of martial arts, why not proudly display your achievements in these superb display units? All made by M.Arts frame. PLEASE E-MAIL PLAYWELL FOR SIZES AND PRICES OR IF YOU WISH TO PLACE AN ORDER:

Black Belt & Certificate Show Case Belt & Certificate Display Deluxe Black Belt & Certificate Show Case
Why not display your Black belt along with your certificate mounted in this beautiful handcrafted deep-framed black showcase on an antique white background with unbreakable acrylic front? Belt included. Date or inscription of your choice displayed underneath the belt. Just send us your certificate and let us do the rest. Other Colour frames and backgrounds available on request. This model has a sleek black frame which will enhance your certificate whilst proudly displaying underneath the various coloured belts that have been awarded. The standard frame holds an A4 certificate (other sizes available on request) and is supplied complete with 10 belt mounts, wall bracket and all the necessary hardware. Extra belt mounts are available. Belts are not included. The gruelling years of training have finally paid off. You have finally reached your goal and are awarded the ultimate Shodan Black Belt. The belt will be mounted in this beautiful deluxe handcrafted wooden display case and will be tailor-made to accommodate the number of belts you have been awarded. This case is handmade with a deep black frame. The belts and certificate will be mounted on an antique white background with an unbreakable acrylic glass front. Belts included. Send us your certificate with details of which colour belts you require.

Trophies and Engraving

Playwell recommend Turner Trophies for all your trophy and engraving requirements. Turner Trophies offer quality products, excellent service, and competitive prices.

For a 10% discount, mention PLAYWELL when ordering.

Contact them for further information and catalogue at:


Tel No: 01923 230 448
Fax No: 01923 211173

Club Suits

We can manufacture your own club suits, jackets, pants, belts etc., in bulk quantities. Contact us with your requirements.


We can take care of all your print needs - club membership cards, club business cards, club letterheads, certificates, promotional leaflets, newsletters, etc. Contact us with your requirements.

Embroidered Badges

Playwell offer a machine embroidered badge service at unbeatable prices.

Prices include:

* Friendly Service and Advice
* 7 Thread Colours per Badge
* Origination and Tooling
* Artwork Charges
* Any Shape or Size from 2.5"
* Machine Washable
* Delivery Between 21-28 Days
* Free Delivery
* Prices Inclusive of VAT
* Guaranteed Low Prices

Badge Size:

To calculate the size of your Badge, simply add the length to the width and divide by 2. Example: 3" + 4" ÷ 2 = 3.5. The prices shown below are based on a standard cotton twill. For Sizes above 5.5", contact us for the Best Quotation.

2.5" 3" 3.5" 4" 4.5" 5" 5.5"
50 £1.65 £1.90 £2.50 £2.75 £2.95 £3.25 £3.50
100 £1.20 £1.50 £1.70 £2.00 £2.35 £2.50 £2.95
250 £0.70 £0.95 £1.20 £1.50 £1.78 £1.90 £2.25
500 £0.55 £0.85 £1.04 £1.15 £1.40 £1.45 £1.90
1000 £0.50 £0.72 £0.87 £0.95 £1.20 £1.25 £1.70
2000 £0.45 £0.63 £0.78 £0.90 £1.05 £1.10 £1.50
3000 £0.40 £0.56 £0.72 £0.82 £0.94 £1.00 £1.40
5000 £0 38 £0.50 £0.68 £0.75 £0.88 £0.94 £1.35

Trade & Instructor Orders

Playwell have a team devoted to the needs of the Wholesale trade. Phone today on 020 8810 9449.


Playwell need distributors around the globe. If you'd like to become part of the Playwell team, contact us now!

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